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Help! I can’t get to sleep.

Have you ever laid in bed at night and felt too amped up to sleep?

Or maybe your mind is on red alert and is rehashing the days events while also trying to predict the events of tomorrow.

 These are signs of being stuck in sympathetic drive. In my experience, this is where people have trouble with sleep, when our daily life bleeds into what should be our cocoon of solitude and safety, our bed.

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Bar graphs showing a smiley face when capacity is larger than load and a sad face when load is larger than capacity.

Load vs Capacity

Warning: This is a slightly longer read than usual but it sets the foundation of future blogs. The concept of Load vs Capacity relates to

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Spine made out of pills

Nurofen and Back Pain

Have you been taking Nurofen for your back pain? A recent study suggests this might not be such a great idea. IMPORTANT: We will be

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